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  Service Trucks FAQs

Service trucks for sale: What are the most common service trucks sold?

The most commonly sold service trucks are a combination of Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, and RAM Class 2-3 chassis that are upfit with Knapheide, Reading, Royal, and Scelzi service bodies.

What kind of maintenance is required for service trucks?

Regular maintenance is essential for a service mechanics truck, just like any other vehicle. This includes engine and chassis maintenance, checking equipment functionality, and ensuring safety gear is in good condition.

How much does it cost to buy work trucks for sale?

A service truck’s cost varies greatly depending on condition, size, brand, features, and customization. Expect a wide range starting around $10,000 for a used, basic setup and reaching six figures for fully loaded heavy-duty service trucks.

What are the benefits of using a service truck?

Convenience and efficiency are key. It brings the tools and workshop directly to the work site, saving time and resources. They also enhance crew safety and organization.

Do service truck drivers need special training?

Training requirements depend on the equipment and scope of work; specific training and certifications might be needed. For example, operating a crane or handling hazardous materials often requires additional qualifications.

What kind of other equipment can be installed on a service truck?

Service and utility trucks can be equipped with cranes, liftgates, ladder racks, air compressors and more.

Is a new service truck for sale better than a used utility truck for sale?

If the service truck has low mileage, has no history of vehicle wreck, and has had consistent vehicle maintenance, it is a good option to consider a used service truck.

When is the best time to look for truck sales?

The best time to look for truck sales can vary depending on several factors. See below some details to help you find the best deals: • End of the Month/Quarter/Year: Dealerships often have sales quotas to meet, and the end of these periods can lead to better deals as they try to hit their targets. • Model Year-End Sales: Late summer and early fall are common times for dealerships to clear out the current year's models to make room for new inventory. This can lead to significant discounts on the outgoing models. • Major Holidays: Sales events often coincide with major holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, and Black Friday. Dealers frequently offer special promotions during these times. • New Model Releases: When a new model is about to be released, dealers may offer discounts on the previous year's models to clear inventory.

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