Comvoy is here to help.  Read our response to COVID-19

Comvoy is here to help.  Read our response to COVID-19

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Landscaper unloading sod from work truck

Landscaping Vehicles

Vehicles for yard Maintenance, Installations and Irrigation

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A yard maintenance company offers services of mowing, trimming, and edging the grass. Whether a start-up entrepreneur or an established business, here are three important accessories (and a bonus tip!) for your yard maintenance company.
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Explore 4 Essentials for a Landscaper Truck
Each landscaping business, whether it be an entrepreneur with one truck or a mega-company with a fleet, should consider four things for their vehicles: the chassis, trailer, cargo control, and lockable toolboxes.
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A Landscaper Relies on a Chevrolet 2500 Crew Cab
This landscaper's Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Crew Cab works well for him. In pulling heavy equipment and moving heavy materials, the 3/4 ton gives him the power he needs. While the gas mileage isn't ideal, it gives him the space he needs for his gear.
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Landscaping professionals use work trucks to move crews and carry equipment for all types of jobs. Whether the job is yard maintenance, moving heavy plants and materials from a nursery, or groundskeeping for large facilities, trucks are an integral part of landscaping work. Pickup trucks with hitches and trailers, dump trucks, and landscape trailers are among the vehicles used by landscape contractors.