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The Future of the Commercial Vehicle Industry in the Net-Zero Era

We must acknowledge that net-zero commercial transportation will not be accomplished with a one-size-fits-all solution. Factors such as distance, cargo...


EV Adoption Opportunity Checklist

EV opportunity checklist image

Incorporating commercial electric vehicles into your business/fleet needs requires careful planning and evaluation. Download this checklist to use as a springboard for your own discussions and planning with your team.


Unpacking DOE's $7 Billion Push Toward Hydrogen Commercial Vehicles

DOE $7

The DOE's $7 billion investment in Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs is having a big impact on conversations about net-zero commercial vehicles.


Navigating Beyond Diesel: Essential Considerations for Alternative Fuels

commercial truck propane refueling station

It’s no longer a question of whether fleet owners will have to consider a transition to clean alternative fuels. Now the question is which alternative energy source makes the most sense for each fleet.

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The State of Massachusetts Issues MOR-EV Approval, Granting Mullen’s Class 3 EV Truck a $15,000 Cash Voucher per Vehicle Sold

Isuzu Announces NRR EV Truck with Electric Refrigerated Body

Ballard Power Systems Unveils 9th Generation, High-Performance Fuel Cell Engine

AiLO Logistics Orders 100 Nikola Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Trucks

Ford Tells Dealers to Pause EV Charging Station Investments Pending Review

Zum Launches Nation’s First 100% Electrified, Bidirectional V2G School Bus Fleet

Penske, Daimler Truck North America and Carrier Transicold Unveil Electric Refrigerated Truck

Motiv Becomes a Truck OEM, Changes Name

Mack MD, LR Electric Trucks Qualify for California HVIP

BAE Systems, Eaton Successfully Test Electric Drive on Class 7 Vehicle

U.S. Energy Launches Volt Vault, an RNG-Powered EV Charging Micro Grid

GreenPower Launches New Electric Refrigerated Box Truck

Prologis/Maersk Go Big By Building Micro Grid and Charging Depo Able to Charge 96 Electric Trucks Simultaneously

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. Expands In SoCal With Two New CNG Filling Stations

Cummins, Daimler, PACCAR Form Joint Battery Venture, Amplify Cell Technologies

WattEV To Expand Fleet of Heavy-Duty Electric Trucks To More Than 180

Zeem To Develop Massive Electric Truck Charging Depot At New Jersey Port

OEMs, Startups Show Off New Trucks and Vans at ACT Expo

Mullen Announces Development of Zero-Emissions Mobile EV Charging Truck

Ford To Provide Charging Infrastructure for City of Dallas

Truck OEM Execs Gather to Talk Electrification

Find Alternative Fueling Stations in
the United States and Canada

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The Future of the Commercial Vehicle Industry in the Net-Zero Era
We must acknowledge that net-zero commercial transportation will not be accomplished with a one-size-fits-all solution. Factors such as distance, cargo requirements, and fleet size help discern the most efficient and sustainable technologies suitable for each unique business application.
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