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General Contractor with his work truck
How a General Building Contractor Manages a 15-Vehicle Fleet
With vehicles for superintendents, field workers, and other office staff, this business owner describes his fleet of Ford vehicles. For example, project managers drive Ford F-150s with crew cabs. Superintendents drive Ford F-250s with an extended cab. Technicians drive Ford F-250s with either a regular cab or an extended cab and a full-size bed.
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Service body work truck
Tips to Select a Service Truck for your Business
Owning a business in the construction and skilled trade industries requires rigid oversight around the current state of your fleet and its direct impact on business efficiency and profit.
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Secure transport vehicle
Secure Transport Vans - The Medical Transport Solution
Purchasing a secure transport van requires considerations like the need for temperature control, security, and organization. With temperature-sensitive materials and products on the line, it’s important to invest in the vehicle that’s perfect for present business and future growth.
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Cargo vans
Key Factors for Selecting a Cargo Van for your Business
Cargo vans provide an array of benefits from storage customization, increased cargo space, to ride comfort. Depending on your needs cargo vans are a versatile work vehicle option for your business.
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Mobile locksmith inside his Ford van
A Locksmith's Carefully-Organized Ford Van
A locksmith gives a tour of his "Van Cave" for his mobile locksmith business. The custom setup in his Ford van includes specialized shelving for organizational storage. Because of careful planning he is able to maximize his space and get more work done on the road.
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Florist with a Work Van
The Right Commercial Van for Florists
As a florist, it's true that your clients' satisfaction and your business reputation rests in your hands, but it also rests in your truck! Whether you're delivering flower arrangements for a wedding or a standing spray for a funeral, you need to ensure they arrive at the destination in pristine condition. There's no better way to guarantee a perfect flower delivery than with the right florist commercial van.
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Locksmith with Custom Work Van
Carefully Selecting and Configuring a Locksmith Van
An experienced locksmith explains his decision-making process in purchasing a new vehicle. Knowing that his van is a mobile workshop, this technician wants the best equipment to provide the best service to his customers have minimal downtime.
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Secure transport vans
Transform a Cargo Van into a High-Tech Secure Transport Vehicle
A custom conversion company manager gives us a tour of Ford Transit vans customized for secure transport. 4-way monitoring, refrigeration units, safes, and interior cages are some of the options available for secure transport van customization.
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wheelchair van
Wheelchair Van: Options for Mobility
Wheelchair vans come in many configurations - they may be designed so that they are comfortable and safe for transporting a passenger in a wheelchair, or they can be laid out to allow someone in a wheelchair to drive. Side entry or rear entry options are available.
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Paperwork for managing a fleet of vehicles
Managing and Purchasing a Fleet for an HVAC Business
An experienced HVAC manager and technician provides insights on purchasing and managing a fleet of vehicles. While his business specializes in chimney work, the wisdom about fleet management is broadly applicable.
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