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General contractor truck

General Contractor Vehicles

Trucks for building, repairs, and construction

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How a General Building Contractor Manages a 15-Vehicle Fleet
With vehicles for superintendents, field workers, and other office staff, this business owner describes his fleet of Ford vehicles. For example, project managers drive Ford F-150s with crew cabs. Superintendents drive Ford F-250s with an extended cab. Technicians drive Ford F-250s with either a regular cab or an extended cab and a full-size bed.
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General Contractors: 5 Considerations When Buying a Work Truck
As a general contractor considering a new vehicle, here's five topics to consider: storage, fuel type, personal space, security, hauling, and crew size.
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Fleet Management: Five Ways to Make your Contractor Business More Efficient
There are at least five ways to make your contractor business more efficient using your fleet vehicles, including: GPS, storing equipment, and tracking scheduled maintenance and service.
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A general contractor can stay organized and efficient with a work truck. Like other tools, a contractor or handyman rely on work trucks to haul gear, transport crews, and securely store tools and equipment. Adding accessories like a materials rack, tool box, or crane can make a work truck even more efficient for a general contractor.