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  Service Utility Vans FAQs

What size service utility van do I need?

This depends on the type of work you do and the amount of equipment/cargo you carry. Consider the upfit body length, roof height, and storage options like conduit chutes and ladder racks.

What are some key features of a service utility van upfit?

Some key features or a utility van upfit are the shelving, partitions, bins, drawers, workbenches, and some industry-related options like plumbing fixtures or welding equipment platforms.

How does a utility van handle and maneuver while driving?

Smaller vans offer better agility in tight spaces, while larger ones provide more stability and cargo space. Consider your typical driving environment.

Utility vans for sale: What kind of maintenance and repair costs can I expect with a service utility van?

Service utility vans are designed for heavy use, so expect higher maintenance costs compared to regular cars. Routine maintenance is crucial for longevity.

Utility vans for sale: Should I buy a new or used?

New vans offer warranties and peace of mind, but used ones can be significantly cheaper. Weigh your budget and desired features against potential repair risks of used vehicles.

What engine is better for a utility van: a v6 or v8?

Choose a V6 Engine for your utility van if you prioritize fuel efficiency, lower costs, and have moderate load requirements. Choose a V8 Engine for your utility van if you need more power and torque for heavy-duty tasks, towing, or carrying very heavy loads.

Are certified pre-owned transit vans a good alternative when mileage is low?

Yes, certified pre-owned (CPO) transit vans can be a good alternative when the mileage is low due to several reasons: extensive inspection, cost savings, and vehicle history.

Is fuel efficiency and mpg important when looking at utility vans for sale?

Yes and there are three primary reasons: Operational Costs: Fuel costs are a significant part of the overall operating expenses for a utility van. Higher fuel efficiency means lower fuel costs over time, which can lead to substantial savings, especially for businesses with large fleets or extensive travel requirements. Range and Refueling: Utility Vans with better MPG can travel longer distances on a single tank of fuel, reducing the need for frequent refueling stops. This can increase productivity and efficiency, particularly for long-distance routes or remote job sites. Resale Value: Utility vans with higher fuel efficiency often have better resale values as fuel economy remains a key consideration for many buyers in the used vehicle market.

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