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  Box Trucks FAQs

What are box trucks used for?

Box trucks are the most versatile commercial vehicle on the road. Common uses include deliveries (furniture, appliances, groceries), moving, equipment transport, catering, and construction work.

How much does a box truck cost?

Price depends on size, brand, features, and condition. Expect a range of $10,000 for used basic light-duty models to over $150,000 for new, fully equipped medium-duty trucks.

What sizes are box trucks available in?

Cargo capacity ranges from around 100 cubic feet to over 1,000 cubic feet. The box body can vary in length, height, and width, too. The most common box truck lengths range between 12’ to 26’.

What loading options are there for box trucks?

Most box trucks have rear roll-up doors, but some have swing doors, side doors or even hydraulic liftgates. Walk ramps are common for easier loading and unloading, too. Box trucks are often loaded and unloaded using a combination of hand trucks, pallet jacks, and forklifts.

What are the best ways to secure loads in a box truck?

Keeping your cargo secure in a box truck is essential for safety, preventing damage, and ensuring a smooth trip. Some of the best cargo control equipment options are ratchet straps, chain tie-downs, wheel chocks, load bars, and cargo nets.

Do I need a special license to drive a box truck?

It depends on the truck's GVWR. Class 3 typically requires a regular driver's license, while Classes 4-7 might need a Class B or C Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

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