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Cargo and Crew Without Compromise

Cargo Van Seating Solutions


CrewVanCo. is the West Coast Distributor of Snoeks Automotive, a European based company that has over 60 years of Commercial Van Upfitting experience.

Our interior concepts allow Commercial Vans, Work Vans and Cargo Vans to be converted into Crew Vans. By adding a Double Cabin (second seating row with integrated safety partition) or a C-pillar Safety Partition we extend the usability and create even more versatile vehicles. It is our strength to develop and deliver Innovative Conversion Kits that fit perfectly to both the base vehicle and the logistic processes of our partners. This is what we call “Merged Perfection”.

CrewVanCo. vs Pickups

Although in the US market the Crew Cab Pickup Truck is the more traditional choice, the Crew Van offers a lot of advantages that fit a modern business:

    • Lower fleet costs thanks to more efficient fuel consumption;
    • Low emission output because of smaller engines;
    • Cargo is safely locked-up;
    • Dry storage of your cargo;
    • Wider seating: 3 full seating postition on 2nd row, allowing for up to 6 occupants in one vehicle;
    • Easy access of heavy cargo due to the lower load floor