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Telecommunications wiring

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Trucks and vans for telecom contractors

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5 Features Telecom Contractors Need When Choosing a Work Vehicle
Telecommunications cabling companies all ultimately serve the same goal, which is building and maintaining the infrastructure that connects our global society. However, the way they get it done can vary quite a bit.
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Which Features are Best for Your Telecom Business?
Running a telecommunications cable construction company requires a fleet of very specific vehicles. Different body types are needed depending on the type of work the company specializes in. Weather and terrain are also very important factors. Companies operating in different parts of the world need to protect their workers and equipment from a range of different environmental conditions.
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The Lift is a Key Feature on a Used Work Truck for a Telecom Contractor
This telecommunications contractor appreciates the man lift. At 42' up, he is able to get to places that would either be challenging, impossible, or unsafe with a ladder--especially in rural locations.
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Telecommunications technicians need a number of specialized tools on a work truck when out in the field. Moreover, telecom vehicles often need an array of parts and supplies for installing and repairing phone, Internet, satellite, and cable connections. A mobile workspace in a work van can be kept organized and secure. Specialized upfit packages that include shelves, bins, and wire reel holders can make telecommunications field personnel even more efficient.