Comvoy is here to help.  Read our response to COVID-19

Comvoy is here to help.  Read our response to COVID-19

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Secure Transport Van

Secure Transport Vehicles

Secure Cargo Vans for Transport and Delivery

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Secure Transport Vans - The Medical Transport Solution
Purchasing a secure transport van requires considerations like the need for temperature control, security, and organization. With temperature-sensitive materials and products on the line, it’s important to invest in the vehicle that’s perfect for present business and future growth.
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Key Factors for Selecting a Cargo Van for your Business
Cargo vans provide an array of benefits from storage customization, increased cargo space, to ride comfort. Depending on your needs cargo vans are a versatile work vehicle option for your business.
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Transform a Cargo Van into a High-Tech Secure Transport Vehicle
A custom conversion company manager gives us a tour of Ford Transit vans customized for secure transport. 4-way monitoring, refrigeration units, safes, and interior cages are some of the options available for secure transport van customization.
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Properly contained Secure Transport vehicles support operations with a securely controlled cargo area that restricts environmental impact to sensitive products. With numerous options for protective measures against both theft, road and climate conditions, low-weight cargo vans support operations both green and established.