Comvoy is here to help.  Read our response to COVID-19

Comvoy is here to help.  Read our response to COVID-19

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Farm and Ag Vehicles

Farming, ranching and livestock

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In this short video, a farmer talks about her heavy-duty Ford pickup truck. Learn why it is great for hauling materials on the farm. She tells us about why the long bed truck is a better fit for farm use than running around town.
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4 Things about Purchasing a Farm Truck
Farmers need a work truck that's got durability and versatility. Before committing to a vehicle purchase, consider wheelbase, towing, floor mats, and creature comforts like seats.
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The Best Hard-working Vehicles for Farmers
A farmer needs a work truck with versatility. Not only that but potentially multiple trucks depending on demands of the farm. These farmers explain that their 250-acre farm needs the right vehicles for “a multitude of uses."
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Work trucks are used for a variety of jobs on a farm or ranch--hauling, towing, and transporting tools and materials. Often needing to be used year-round, work trucks for agriculture have to handle adverse weather and difficult driving conditions like mud, snow, and ice. Welders and air compressors are often added to vehicles to improve efficiency on the farm or ranch.