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combo truck
Combo Trucks:  Indecision Banished
Designed to combine elements from different types of work trucks, combo body trucks have longer beds than a typical service truck while still offering plenty of storage and toolboxes, along with a lumber rack up top for moving longer materials.
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Mechanic Truck
Mechanic Truck: A Simple Nature with Exceptional Value
A mechanic body truck is useful in many industries, including construction, municipal or utility work. Mechanics trucks typically have a crane attached for moving large equipment or heavy materials, as well as plenty of storage for tools and other supplies.
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Passenger Van
Passenger Van: Transport for People
Move a crowd from place to place in a passenger wagon. Often used as shuttle vans, passenger vans can transport many people without its driver needing a commercial driver's license. Many seating configurations are available to accommodate different numbers of passengers.
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Refrigerated Truck
Refrigerated Truck: Keeping it Cool
Refrigerated trucks come in various body lengths and wall materials with varying features. This diagram calls out some of the key features of a refrigerated truck including insulation and floor type. Other considerations include the refrigeration unit and fuel type. Liftgates and cargo control are invaluable for safety and productivity.
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Service Truck
Service and Utility Truck: Convenience and Security in an Organized Package
A truck with a service body is a mobile workshop. The truck can carry equipment, tools, and parts needed for jobs, like: electrical, plumbing, and general construction. Service bodies have storage for tools and parts and come in various body lengths.
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Step Van
Step Van: Why It's Most Efficient for Deliveries
A step van can take your business to the next level--making it mobile! Popular choices for deliveries or food trucks, these vehicles offer large open boxes perfect for loading full of cargo or for setting up permanent equipment.
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Rollback Tow Truck
Rollback Tow Truck: What Are They & How Do They Work?
Rollback trucks are used for vehicles that cannot be pulled behind a truck. With winches to pull the vehicle up onto the truck's flat bed, the bed is tilted via hydraulics. Wrecker body tow trucks move inoperable vehicles. Two wheels are kept off the ground by the wrecker while the disabled vehicle is towed behind the truck. Many work trucks have toolboxes and extra storage areas where a tow truck operator can store equipment.
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Utility Van
Utility Vans – The Hammer or the One Who Swings It?
Utility vans carry parts, tools and equipment to a job site for a contractor like an electrician or plumber, all while keeping everything out of the elements. The enclosed body of a utility van may even offer enough headroom to stand while working.
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Welder Truck
Welder Trucks: The Foundation of Custom Metal Work
Designed to meet the needs of professional welders on the go, welder body trucks feature an extra work deck that is lower than a traditional truck. Welder trucks often have extensive built-in storage, including specialized storage for gas cylinders, welding tools, and supplies.
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Pickup Truck
Pickup Trucks: The Commercial Vehicle Powerhouse
Pickups are an ideal choice for a company that needs to move smaller items - or employees - to a job site. With the wide array of accessories available to add more storage options or secure cargo, pickup trucks are economical to buy and to operate.
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