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Work Truck Solutions Commercial Vehicle Business Summit: Alternative Fuels, EVs and When to Pass the Baton to the New Generation of Commercial Vehicles.
Work Truck Solutions Commercial Vehicle Business Summit: Alternative Fuels, EVs and When to Pass the Baton to the New Generation of Commercial Vehicles.
On September 22 and 23, Work Truck Solutions and COMVOY brought industry leaders together to discuss EV and alternative drivetrain/fuel adoption. The commercial vehicle industry is in the process of a significant transformation to alternative fuels that could positively affect the future of commercial transportation and logistics. If you missed the only major summit dedicated to the growing commercial vehicle industry, recordings of the sessions are now available on Work Truck Solutions' YouTube channel.
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arborist work truck
Ask an Arborist: Fleet Vehicle Types, GPS & Storage
We interviewed Arborist Jason Throop of M&S Wesley Tree Service about the best trucks for his tree trimming business, tool, and gear storage, how he researches work trucks, fuel preference, and GPS tracking for his fleet of work trucks.
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General Contractor with Ford Work Truck and Decked Cargo Box
15 Truck General Contractor Fleet chooses Ford Trucks, DECKED Truck Boxes & GPS
We interview a General Contractor President on the best general contractor truck for his business, what Ford trucks they use, DECKED truck boxes and using GPS.
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Secure transport vans
Transform a Cargo Van into a High-Tech Secure Transport Vehicle
A custom conversion company manager gives us a tour of Ford Transit vans customized for secure transport. 4-way monitoring, refrigeration units, safes, and interior cages are some of the options available for secure transport van customization.
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Paperwork for managing a fleet of vehicles
Managing and Purchasing a Fleet for an HVAC Business
An experienced HVAC manager and technician provides insights on purchasing and managing a fleet of vehicles. While his business specializes in chimney work, the wisdom about fleet management is broadly applicable.
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Bakery owner in front of delivery van
A Bakery Owner Speaks about the Pros and Cons of his Delivery Van
A Ford Transit van offers fuel efficiency and easy access for loading and delivering desserts and salads
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Baker moves bread
A Bakery Manager Discusses 2 Work Vans used for Deliveries
This bakery increases efficiency by using both large and small vans for different types of deliveries
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Van with an advertising wrap
This Solar Business Owner talks about the Advantages of Advertising with his Van
A solar and roofing business owner advertises both of his businesses with a wrap on his vans. He tells us about the response he gets from people who see the advertising on his van.
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Electrician in front a van with bins for organizing parts
An Electrician Discusses Things to Consider when Buying a new Work Van
An electrician does a walk-around of his Chevy Express 1500 work van. He uses racks and shelves from Adrian Steel to stay organized while he does commercial, residential and industrial electrical work.
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Creamery owner shows her refrigerated delivery van
A Creamery Owner Shares her Experience with Refrigerated Vans
Double side doors, storage compartments, and floor hooks are all important features for transporting cheese in a refrigerated delivery van
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