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Upfitting & Retrofitting Articles

ladder rack for van
Improving Safety for Commercial Vehicle Operators
Commercial vehicle operations are the backbone of our supply chain, and operators face an array of road safety challenges on a daily basis. Addressing these concerns is a top priority for the industry, and there are many ways to improve safety for commercial vehicle operators.
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U.S. Upfitters small truck slideout
Big Innovations for Smaller Commercial Vehicles
U.S. Upfitters, a Division of Driverge, showcases its latest advancements in vehicle upfitting solutions at Work Truck Week 2024
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Adrian Steel commercial pickup truck storage solutions
Introducing Adrian Steel's Integrated Solutions for Pickup Trucks: Insights from Work Truck Week 2024
At Work Truck Week 2024, Adrian Steel unveiled its latest truck solutions, capturing the attention of industry professionals. Steve Henning, Executive Editor at CVBNetwork, had the opportunity to chat with Kevin LaBrecque, Director of Marketing at Adrian Steel, to discuss these new offerings.
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propane filling station
Can Propane Replace Diesel In Commercial Fleets?
4 Criteria For Alt-Fuel To Compete With Diesel
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Evolectric commercial EV conversion truck
Why Take Your Existing Truck And Make It 100% Electric?
Converting your commercial vehicle to all-electric is an approach that opens doors for businesses of all sizes to make the transition to zero-emissions vehicles.
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propane-powered delivery truck
Driving Towards Clean Fuel: The Impact of Propane Autogas Conversion in Achieving Net Zero Emissions
Government policies and concerns about environmental sustainability are increasingly central concerns influencing the adoption of non-diesel or alternate fuels. Propane Autogas is emerging as an alternative fuel with a proven history and significant potential for expansion.
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EV work truck
Increasing The Versatility of Electric Work Trucks
An established hoist and truck body company maximizes the efficiency of innovative EV work trucks
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NuPropel Banner
Keeping Your Eyes On the ‘Net Zero’ Roadmap
With the launch of NuPropel, Comvoy is on a mission to curate and provide objective, diverse, and broad information “all about advanced fuel solutions.”
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Motive Refrigerated EV
Motiv Power Systems Pilots Refrigerated EV Truck With Carrier Transicold’s Pulsor eCool Unit
Motiv Power Systems Pilots Refrigerated EV Truck With Carrier Transicold’s Pulsor eCool Unit
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Commercial Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
Alternative Fuel for Commercial Vehicles: Not All Eyes Are On BEVs
Though media coverage may be focused on consumer-level BEVs, several OEMs are ardently pursuing the development and testing FCEVs for commercial applications.
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