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commercial EV fleet charging
Exploring Your Fleet EV Charging Options
For every business operating a commercial fleet today, exploring net-zero operations is an unavoidable necessity. One of the options is fleet electrification, and a critical aspect of commercial EV operations is charging the batteries. Here are the basic…
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abstract for fleet electrification sim tools
Overcoming Challenges in Fleet Electrification with Simulation Tools
As businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprint, the adoption of electric vehicles has become a key strategy. However, this transition is fraught with challenges. Navigating fleet electrification requires…
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Ven diagram with dots
Connecting The Dots for Fleet Sustainability Strategies
There’s a big push to transition to more sustainable fleets, but are end-users adequately prepared to successfully deploy the technologies being imposed on them?
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BlueArc Step Van
Shyfting Gears: How Shyft Group’s BlueArc and Utilimaster Are Powering the Future of Commercial Vehicles
The Shyft Group is leveraging the experience of its long-standing brand, Utilimaster, and the cutting-edge tech of its startup brand Blue Arc to help businesses transitioning from ICE vehicles to commercial EV fleets.
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animated people connecting puzzle pieces
Connect for Success: Easing the Stress of Net-Zero Adoption
As the push towards climate-friendly commerce intensifies, business owners and commercial fleet managers find themselves at the forefront of a significant change—moving towards net-zero emissions. However, despite the...
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propane refueling for commercial vehicles
Navigating Beyond Diesel: Essential Considerations for Alternative Fuels
It’s no longer a question of whether fleet owners will have to consider a transition to clean alternative fuels. Now the question is which alternative energy source makes the most sense for each fleet.
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stylized image of connectivity
Fleet Operations of the Future: The Role of Vehicle Solutions as a Service
Many solution providers in the commercial vehicle industry are evolving with models that might be referred to as vehicle solutions as a service, or VSaaS.
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Adrian Steel commercial pickup truck storage solutions
Introducing Adrian Steel's Integrated Solutions for Pickup Trucks: Insights from Work Truck Week 2024
At Work Truck Week 2024, Adrian Steel unveiled its latest truck solutions, capturing the attention of industry professionals. Steve Henning, Executive Editor at CVBNetwork, had the opportunity to chat with Kevin LaBrecque, Director of Marketing at Adrian Steel, to discuss these new offerings.
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Integrated Commercial Fleet Management
Integrated Fleet Management
Integrated fleet management is critical to achieving new levels of sustainability and profitability.
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commercial EV charging stations
Commercial EV Charging Infrastructure – Current State and Developments
One of the key factors affecting commercial EV adoption is the state of the charging infrastructure.
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