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Old and new electric UPS delivery vans
Commercial EVs: What You Need to Know
Since its debut in the late 1800s, EV technology has significantly improved, leading many OEMs and startups to develop modern EVs for commercial use.
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Zeus Electric Crane Truck
Current State of Tax Credits for Commercial EVs
Businesses and tax-exempt organizations that buy a qualified commercial clean vehicle may qualify for a clean vehicle tax credit of up to $40,000
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Ryder Trucks
Preventive Truck Maintenance Tips for Maximum Uptime
Whether you’re moving freight across state lines or delivering products to customers in your local area, regular preventive fleet maintenance on your commercial trucks is necessary to maximize your uptime.
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Transfer Flow Shop Floor
Made In America: Transfer Flow Inc's 40th Anniversary in the Fuel System Industry
As Transfer Flow Inc. commemorates its 40th anniversary, it's the perfect time to reflect on the company's rich history, impressive growth, and significant contributions to the fuel system industry.
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electric vans at charging station
6 Considerations For The Commercial Transition To A BEV Fleet—Other Than Infrastructure
The path to transitioning commercial fleets to electric remains challenging, and infrastructure is not the only consideration for fleet managers considering this transition…
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Work van drivers
Vehicle Operator Safety: It’s Good Business
Safety is a priority in businesses that utilize commercial vehicles. It's not only for the sake of your employees' health or OSHA compliance, though—it also makes good business sense.
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Reselling your work truck or van
Built to Last: How To Prep Your Work Truck for Resale
Get the most from your used work truck or van by following these guidelines.
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Commercial Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
Alternative Fuel for Commercial Vehicles: Not All Eyes Are On BEVs
Though media coverage may be focused on consumer-level BEVs, several OEMs are ardently pursuing the development and testing FCEVs for commercial applications.
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Doing business taxes
What are the Current Federal EV Tax Incentives for Businesses?
The big news is that, as of January 1, 2023, a tax credit will be available to businesses to purchase new EVs and FCEVs
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Knapheide Mfg Company 1959
Knapheide Manufacturing Company Celebrates 175th Anniversary
Knapheide Manufacturing Company Celebrates 175th Anniversary
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