A retrofit solution can be an incredible opportunity, especially for small businesses looking for a more affordable EV option. And if you don’t have a truck to trade in, turnkey electrified chassis are available on the market as well. So you can definitely use retrofitting in order to get your first electric vehicle built onto a used chassis. This approach opens doors for businesses of all sizes to make the transition to zero-emissions vehicles.

And if your business is in California, the California HVIP Hybrid and Zero-emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project does not require that you scrap any older trucks in order to participate. In fact, large fleets can enjoy a generous $30,000 incentive, while small fleet owners with 20 vehicles or fewer are eligible for an impressive $60,000 incentive toward the purchase of retrofit electric trucks (Class 4 and 5).

Converting Commercial Vehicles

How can an existing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle be converted into an electric one? It almost doesn't seem possible, as the process must be rather complex, but with this approach becoming a practical path to drive fleets’ transition to EVs, it is very important to work with experienced and competent partners.


One such expert is Evolectric, a pioneer in sustainable mobility solutions. They are rolling out refurbished electric truck fleets, strategically aligning with California mandates that require at least 5% of trucks sold in the state to be emission-free by next year. In September 2023, Evolectric achieved eligibility for the HVIP program, unlocking an unprecedented opportunity for fleet owners with their Isuzu N-Series EV conversions to the market to embrace electric vehicle (EV) technology seamlessly.

EVOlectric commercial EV conversion

Evolectric's Innovative CircularEV™ Solutions

Evolectric has successfully conducted multiple customer pilot programs throughout 2023, collaborating with industry giants such as AB-Inbev and TCI. The success of these pilot programs has led to TCI's satisfaction, prompting them to place their first order with Evolectric. Additionally, Evolectric is actively engaged with Coca-Cola, expanding its pilot initiatives in Latin America.

"Our aim is to accelerate fleet electrification with our CircularEV solution, which combines circular economy principles and advanced EV technology, making it scalable, affordable and accessible to all fleet owners around the world," said Jakson Alvarez, co-founder, co-CEO & CFO at Evolectric. "There are around 340 million commercial vehicles worldwide, which would be hugely challenging to replace with new EVs. Instead, we're here to extract the most value from each vehicle by repurposing it to be 100% electric and smart."

EVOlectric commercial EV conversion

By converting instead of replacing existing combustion engine vehicles, Evolectric is helping its customers save money, extend the lifecycle of their fleets and make their trucks Smart. Rather than sending 10 to 15-year-old trucks with a few hundred thousand miles to be scrapped, they can extract as much value out of them as possible.

"Some commercial vehicles are built to last for as long as a million miles," Alvarez said. "Yet, because of the lack of reliability around the diesel, internal combustion engine, and all the components, you're seeing many of them being scrapped at just 300 to 400,000 miles. We're here to change that. We can electrify that vehicle, refresh the cab and chassis, and put it back on the road for another half a million miles."

With Evolectric, businesses are not just adopting electric vehicles; they're able to embrace a smarter, more efficient way of managing their fleets. Evolectric integrates smart technology into every truck, revolutionizing the driving experience with advanced telematic software and real-time diagnostics. This proactive approach maximizes uptime, minimizes costs, and maintains the smooth running of your fleet.

EVOlectric commercial EV conversion

“We’re combining a lot of the EV ecosystem in a turnkey-style offering to help our customers quickly meet their long-term zero-emission targets,” said Bill Beverley, co-founder, co-CEO and CTO at Evolectric. “By converting existing vehicles, we can avoid supply chain, development, and validation bottlenecks and get our innovative technology onto the roads faster.”

Evolectric's steadfast commitment to providing holistic solutions positions the company as a trailblazer in the evolution towards cleaner and greener transportation.


Written by Evolectric.