Once you have configured your van just the way you want it, you can come up with a specific décor to match your business and personality. Vehicles can be improved using special decals, magnetic signs, and paint.

Work Van that is Advertising Business Services

Decals for a Work Van

  • Decals can be made from clear vinyl and customized to meet your specifications.
  • Front adhesive stickers are applied from the inside of your vehicle, keeping them safe from the weather.
  • Clear stickers are designed to maintain background opacity, so your design stands out.
  • Die cuts are sturdier decals made of heavy vinyl, making them very durable.

Magnetic Signs on a Work Van

  • Magnetic signs are designed to meet an array of decorative functions, including custom printed logos.
  • Magnetic signs are easily removed and portable, giving you the opportunity to move to other vehicles when necessary.

Painting a Work Van

  • Airbrushing a truck makes a distinctive impact, but limits your ability to switch vehicles in a pinch and still take your mobile advertising with you.
  • Pinstriping can also create a distinctive look for your vehicle. This is best left to a professional as making the stripes straight is very difficult for an amateur.

No matter the theme, a work van needs to be both functional and attractive. No one knows better than you how to represent your business and who your clients are.