What are the best gifts for someone whose business revolves around work trucks? We’re here to help with our best six gift ideas for the truck, van, or car lover in your life. Make this holiday season a successful one with automotive related gifts for your loved ones, or yourself!

Radar Detector

Cost: $300-$800

There is at least one universal truth; there is never enough time in the day. Many of us try to get around that by driving faster than the posted speed limit. Luckily, Escort makes some of the best radar detectors and is always working to stay ahead. They stand by their products to the point where they will pay for your speeding ticket! Truely a gift that keeps on giving! Their top tier radar detector is the ESCORT Redline 360c, and it is worth the price. Shop Escort Radar Detectors:


ESCORT Redline 360c

Car Cover

Cost: $100-300

Work trucks can be shiny, and keeping them clean can help business. Professional presentation is one of our top business tips in  this article. Showing up in a clean truck goes a long way to building a successful business. A fitted car cover is an easy way to keep your flagship truck clean for every job! It is up to the giftee to put it on and off every day, but we can only help with so much. We love the fitted covers from CarCovers.com. Options include a truck with camper, but nothing for upfitted vehicles. Shop fitted car and truck covers:



Cost: $800-2000

Yep, tires for a gift can be a thing. Tires, especially GOOD tires, are a big expense. Many people skimp out and get whatever is cheapest. Treat the one you love with a gift certificate from your favorite tire place and make sure they don't skimp. Are new work truck tires not exciting enough? Get some big knobbies for the rock crawling rig or semi-slicks for the stop-light drag car.

Our favorite places for tires:



Shop Work Truck Tires

Performance Chip

Cost: $250-500

Modern vehicles rely on computers to determine how an engine runs, the “engine map”. OEMs optimize for a mix of drivability, power, and miles per gallon. A performance chip changes factory settings for more horsepower, torque, and MPG. Chips from Race Chips give you the option to change the factory map to different settings with the turn of a dial. They also have an app for easy adjustments with their higher-level products. Up to +20% MPG increase with more HP and torque sounds like a great gift for anyone! If you go the Race Chip route, it would be a good idea to pair it with an Escort Radar Detector. See more details at Race Chip:


Race Chips for Work Trucks

Dash Cam

Cost: $100-250

Dash cams are a great gift and an excellent investment for protecting a work truck. Features include front, rear, and inside cameras, parking monitoring, and collision detection. Protecting your work truck and fleet is worth the few hundred it costs for a camera. You also get to record all the bad drivers and crazy things that happen in the world. This alone is worth gold. Shop Dash Cams here:


Dash Cam for Work Trucks

Portable Hydraulic Floor Jack

Cost: $100-$200

A hydraulic jack makes lifting a vehicle for a flat tire very easy, push-button easy! The jack from Hyperion uses a 12V cigarette lighter power outlet to charge. This jack can lift up to 3 tons with a lifting height range of 6-17.5 inches. It has a LED light so you don’t have to use your phone. They have a model with built in inflator and wrench for a complete solution. Shop Portable Hydraulic Floor Jacks here:


Portable Hydraulic Floor Jack