We interview Bill, the owner of Chico Roofing Company and Solar Works, about the unique wrap he uses on his van to be sure it provides a strong impression of both of his closely-related businesses.

  • A clever wrap that advertises both businesses on all sides of his van provides a professional appearance.
  • Bill has had success with business opportunities using this vehicle’s external presentation.

Q: Why did you decide to put a wrap on your work vans?

A: I like that vans are great vehicles for signage. The smaller vehicles just don’t have enough room. The wrap on the Ford Transit, it’s like a moving billboard. And we get a lot of attention off these vans.

Q: How did you design your van's creative wrap?

A: We do roofing and solar so we wanted to find a way to put the two companies together making sure that people understand that. One side of the wrap is predominantly roofing with a little bit of solar on the front. The other side of the van is predominantly solar with a little bit of roofing on the front. This has gotten a lot of attention.

Q: Is the cost of the vehicle wrap a good investment?

A: We have definitely had people call in after they have seen one of our vehicles. For example, when we were working out of town, we got a call from a lady saying, “Hey saw your van I was behind it, and I notice you do roof and solar.” That turned into a roofing and solar job for us. She just liked us, liked the fact that we are a two in one company and it turned out to be a great job. So yes, we’ve gotten plenty of work from just the vans and the cars driving around. It takes you a step above, looks more professional and I think people really appreciate that.