Headquartered near Lansing, Michigan, The Shyft Group is known for its robust portfolio of auto brands, including BlueArc and Utilimaster. The Shyft Group is harnessing the unique strengths of these two brands to forge a path for both internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric vehicle (EV) users, symbolizing a concerted effort to serve the diverse needs of today’s commercial vehicle consumers.

The Shyft Group: A Brief Background

With a storied history in commercial vehicle manufacturing, The Shyft Group has long been synonymous with quality and resilience. Transitioning from traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies, the company has demonstrated unwavering dedication to commercial transport. Now, The Shyft Group is positioned not only as a legacy manufacturer, but also as a torchbearer for innovation in commercial transportation.

Utilimaster: Pioneering Customization and Efficiency in Commercial Vehicles

Utilimaster, a key brand under The Shyft Group umbrella, stands out for its deep expertise in designing and customizing commercial vehicles to meet the unique needs of various industries. Recognized for its tailor-made approach, Utilimaster's vehicles are crafted to enhance operational efficiency and functionality, catering to specific demands from delivery services needing optimized cargo spaces to utility companies requiring robust storage solutions. Beyond just customization, Utilimaster is committed to incorporating advanced technologies that improve fuel efficiency and vehicle performance, aligning with today's environmental standards.

Historically, Utilimaster’s role has been to manufacture products for customers that utilize traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Now, as a brand within a dynamic entity that caters to a wider market base, the Utilimaster team is realizing a larger identity and purpose.


BlueArc: Electrifying The Commercial Vehicle Space

BlueArc is the result of 50 years of The Shyft Group seeking to understand what performance and requirements end users are looking for.

With BlueArc, The Shyft Group set out to build an EV truck from the ground up that is purpose-built for commercial vocations. BlueArc’s engineers and project managers developed a product that has proven valuable to business owners and customer fleet managers.

Part of their success can be attributed to a philosophy of easing the friction for organizations looking to transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs.

“We don't want to go with anything crazy or exotic,” explains Eric Fisher, senior vice President and General Manager at Blue Arc EV Solutions. “We don’t want to alienate drivers, technicians, mechanics, and service techs. We want to make it so intuitive that you can jump in the cab, and within 5 minutes, you can learn how to use our truck with no issues and complications.”

BlueArc partnered with some of its large national fleets for field trials, running routes 8-10 hours a day (with AC running all day) and making 150 stops. Apparently, the feedback was extremely positive, with uptimes of 100%.

Uniting Forces

BlueArc emerges as The Shyft Group's commercial EV champion. This brand is energizing the market with forward-thinking EV solutions. Meanwhile, Utilimaster brings decades of bespoke vehicle design and customization to the table. Together, they form a partnership that marries electricity with efficiency, promising to redefine the notion of how a company provides solutions for commercial vehicle end users.

“The goal of The Shyft Group has been to fully integrate all the different brands,” says Nick Troiola, Director of Strategic Sales at Utilimaster. “We’re bringing all the different sales teams and all the different engineering resources together into a kind of a “One-Shyft” mentality. It may sound cliché, but we want to be a one-stop-shop for commercial customers.”

Check out this podcast, in which Eric Fisher, senior vice President and General Manager at Blue Arc EV Solutions, and Nick Troiola, Director of Strategic Sales at Utilimaster, both of Shyft Innovations, provide firsthand insights into the revolutionary products they are introducing to the commercial vehicle market.