There is a serious benefit to spec’ing the precise commercial vehicle that will serve your business needs, especially when these will play out over five to ten years as tools that accelerate business growth. The most effective purchases come from clients who take serious time to order precisely the “tool” that they need for their specific business. This is what most larger businesses do since they have the luxury of more time to choose.

Assortment of hand toolsHammers are a good analogy: like trucks, there are variations within overall similarity. It’s hard to use a mallet to drive roofing nails, but it can be done when you are in a bind. A roofing hammer, however, will get the job done more efficiently. Likewise, if you have an immediate, pressing need for a truck, you will do the best you can with what you can find. But all hammers are not all the same and neither are trucks. Much of the selection rationale emerges from how much time one has to make the choice.

Urgent Need for a Work Truck

When buyers have an urgent need, they will settle for “any” hammer. They broke their hammer and just need to finish this job. Because they are at a small hardware outlet nearby, their choices will be limited to the four-five options on the rack. Virtually any hammer will do. When a big contract is on the line for a plumber, general contractor, or an electrician.... time is money.

When buyers have an urgent need, they will settle for “any” hammer.

More Time = More Purchase Options

When the buyer takes the time to drive to a larger outlet, like a Home Depot, they will be able to view and select from a much larger array of options. "This hammer feels better, is the right weight, and a good handle length..." Finding a better one takes just a little more time and it helps to have comparisons.

Getting a perfectly spec’ed work truck, can take a significant amount of time. A small business owner will want to review options available in trucks and vans that are precisely engineered for their vocation. They can narrow down the selection to the absolute best tool that will serve them, not only now, but for the next ten years as their business grows. (Plus, a work truck costs just a smidge more than a hammer.)

Work Truck Dealers

Dealers are limited in how many varieties of trucks they have on the lot ready for immediate purchase. They can’t have the wide assortment that is ideal for the specialized needs of every vocation, from plumbers and roofers to electricians and HVAC specialists. By having a selection of work-ready trucks online, even small businesses with limited time and resources to compete on a level playing field with bigger corporations when it comes to finding the perfect vehicle.