Wondering about some of the hurdles and associated solutions to moving forward with Net Zero adoption in the commercial / fleet / business vehicle market? It can sometimes be a chicken or egg discussion when trying to determine if the need is greater for either the alt-fuel vehicles to be available or the infrastructure to be built out first; the answer isn’t exactly clear. However, if you’re shopping for a vehicle, no matter if you’re purchasing the first vehicle for your business or have a fleet of 5 or 50, there’s a lot to sort through.

One of the most significant first questions to be answered—and a terrific place to begin—centers around the use case. If your business is based in the northeast with particularly harsh winters and very cold temperatures, your use case is very different from a company operating in southern California. Similarly, if you are a final mile delivery company, the considerations are vastly different than if you’re hauling large, bulky, and weighty items for hundreds of miles. And these types of considerations can be just the starting point. 

Regardless of your situation or scenario, it’s important for you to stay current regarding the outlook for work trucks, vans, and SUVs. Doing so can provide you with insight into questions to ask, trends to consider, and regulations to be aware of in the coming months and year. At a recent Commercial Vehicle Business Summit session, Andrew Wrobel, Director of Commercial Vehicle Fleet Research and Advisory Practice at Escalent, joined Kathryn Schifferle, Chief Vision Officer at Work Truck Solutions, to discuss the commercial vehicle outlook. Consider spending a few minutes checking out their discussion in the video below.