At Work Truck Week 2024, Adrian Steel unveiled its latest truck solutions, capturing the attention of industry professionals. Steve Henning, Executive Editor at CVBNetwork, had the opportunity to chat with Kevin LaBrecque, Director of Marketing at Adrian Steel, to discuss these new offerings.

"For us, it’s about addressing customer pain points," said LaBrecque. "The journey started a couple years ago when the OEMs announced they were going away with compact vans. Some of those customers were going to go full-size vans, and some were going to go to pickups. We quickly realized we didn’t have a pickup truck product in our portfolio."

Adrian Steel has long established itself as a premier manufacturer of commercial vehicle equipment. There is always a buzz around its participation in the Work Truck Week show, with many looking forward to seeing what the company will present next.

It was during this much-anticipated event that CVBNetwork conducted an exclusive interview with Kevin LaBrecque, providing us with a closer look at Adrian Steel's innovative truck solutions.

Insights from the Interview

Throughout the interview, Kevin LaBrecque highlighted the innovative aspects of the new truck solutions, their benefits, and the potential to elevate operational efficiency and productivity.

Adrian Steel is also a champion of quick build times. Its turnaround times set a very high bar for the entire upfitting industry.

"Every offering you see here was manufactured in five days," explained LaBrecque. "Traditional toppers have lead times anywhere from 6 to 20 weeks; [ours] in a week."

LaBrecque also revealed that Adrian Steel now manufactures (and warranties) a variety of products that work trucks/vans need for upfitting, such as slide outs, shelving, and ladder racks, creating a one-stop-shop concept that connects the dots of customer needs.

Check out the complete interview for an in-depth look at the truck solutions and their potential impact on your business operations.