Switch-N-Go®, the nation’s original electric hoist and interchangeable truck body company, offers the ideal product to increase the versatility and functionality of electric work trucks while increasing the safety of work crews. By installing one of the patented electric hoists and employing a few interchangeable truck bodies, a single EV work truck can transform and complete the work of three. A compelling combination for anyone considering an investment in such innovative vehicles.

“Lee Transport strives to be at the forefront of innovation in the truck equipment industry. Matching the Cenntro all-electric work truck with the fully electric Switch-N-Go® made perfect sense. We partnered with Switch-N-Go® over ten years ago, and because of their proven strength in electric-powered interchangeable truck body systems and consistent product quality, dependability, and durability, we knew this was a combination that we could stand behind,” said Greg Stowers, Operations Manager at Lee Transport, an Authorized Switch-N-Go® Dealer. He went on to say, “Cenntro offers a great EV truck solution, and Switch-N-Go® allows that specialized truck to be anything the customer needs.”


The Switch-N-Go® patented electric systems operate seamlessly with the Cenntro 80.6 kWh batteries in conjunction with a 24v to 12v converter. Simply plug in to recharge your truck as you normally would, and the truck charges the Switch-N-Go®. The electric Switch-N-Go® daily usage ratings are the same on an EV as they are on a traditional ICE chassis, allowing you to maximize the work day. The primary advantage of Switch-N-Go® as compared to permanent mount units is that the system and suite of 27+ interchangeable bodies can keep your truck busy all year long. The more work your electric truck does, the less fuel other trucks have to use to accomplish that same work.

Switch-N-Go® is future focused, but also present driven. The patented hoist and truck body system offers a creative alternative to finding and buying a new truck chassis. End users can repurpose and transform an existing permanent mount work truck with the Switch-N-Go® interchangeable system to immediately maximize functionality and versatility.

For over two decades, Switch-N-Go® has been providing solutions to businesses that want a work truck that can do more. Our interchangeable truck body solution has advantages over both traditional permanent mount and hooklift units. With hoist systems available in electric-over-hydraulic (E-Series) and full hydraulic (H-Series), as well as nearly 30 different work truck bodies, Switch-N-Go® offers endless opportunities to maximize investment and optimize the workday. Switch-N-Go® is proud to be part of the greater transformation of the work truck landscape.