Although the adoption of EVs in the commercial sector has been challenging, often due to early-stage infrastructure limitations, many company drivers have expressed satisfaction with the vehicles themselves. One driver, who was awarded for consistently exceeding the 105-mile range of their truck, highlighted the quiet operation, ideal for overnight deliveries.

When considering product design, Motiv Power Systems, a leading manufacturer of medium-duty commercial all-electric trucks and buses, takes that kind of driver input seriously.

The Value Of Driver Feedback

Jim Castalez, Founder and CTO of Motiv, and Gary Schmidt, SVP of Sales at Motiv, prioritize direct driver feedback, understanding that range is a key purchase influencer. For Motive leadership, engaging with drivers validates product performance and fuels continuous improvement.

“The advancements in electric vehicle technology over the past year have been impressive,” says Schmidt. “Designs are becoming sturdier and simpler, with charging infrastructure and truck performance steadily improving. It’s impossible to overstate the value of real-world testing, especially for one-of-a-kind prototypes, to refine products and bring them to production.”


Time to Join the Electric Fleet Revolution

For fleets considering their next-generation vehicles, Castalez offers a clear message: 

"It's time to jump in. Forge strategic alliances with industry partners and cultivate a network of trusted advisors and peers.”

This emphasizes the proactive and mutually beneficial nature of building relationships in this big transformation of new technology.

At Work Truck Week 2023 (WTW), both professionals pointed out successful deployments by leading fleets as proof of concept. Give a listen to the whole conversation in the following CVBN podcast. And keep checking back on NuPropel for more from the WTW show floor in 2024.