Good pest control businesses have all of the gear that their jobs require. Great pest control businesses do even more: they see the value of keeping equipment organized within the work vehicle. Attention to a fleet’s interior storage system will reduce downtime, limit prep time, and enable better tracking of inventory.

  • Organization with shelving, drawers, and bins will save both time and money.
  • A ladder rack allows for more storage space and convenience, helping with pests in high places.
  • Keep a boundary between you and any harmful materials with a sealed partition.
  • In case of dangerous spills, a slip-resistant floor will keep you safe and protect your vehicle’s value.
  • Secure your equipment with window screens, power locking, and storage locks.

Wide Open Spaces in your Commercial Work Van

A disorganized work van costs more than meets the eye. Doubling up on product orders, wasting time searching for supplies, and losing materials are common problems which can easily be resolved with organized shelving units.

American Van has built its business around boosting productivity through storage organization. Their standard height systems are made of steel and aluminum with various options for shelving and drawers. A system like this offers easy, compact organization and opens up the center floor for larger equipment. These units are also contoured to the angle of your vehicle’s walls which further maximizes space in the cargo bay. Installing interior shelving and drawer units is simple since they come with all the bolts and fasteners. Units can be welded to a vehicle’s floor to permanently keep tools and supplies in place.

Modular Storage for the Modern Exterminator

Storage Bins for Pest ControlArriving to a residential or commercial job sites is the first opportunity to show how prepared a business is to tackle the task. Whether it’s fogging for mosquitoes or bombing a bedbug infestation.... when the van doors open, supplies need to be as presentable as possible.

Modular storage systems with bins and compartments guarantee secure transport of small equipment which gets lost easily. These are perfect for housing smaller materials like ant and cockroach baits, and larger supplies such as quart- or gallon-size containers of insecticides. Typically constructed of rugged steel, these systems fasten directly to the floor and walls of the cargo van.

Bins are another method of keeping items like insecticide containers secure. They also have the advantage of allowing quick reorganization of gear based on the day’s applications. Sifting through roach and ant traps before an application in an apartment complex wastes billable hours. Bins are manufactured in a variety of materials: plastic, steel, aluminum, and even corrugated cardboard. When spilled, insecticides can interact and result in dangerous byproducts. Whether one prefers to remove and wash metal bins or simply throw away cardboard bins when spills occur, bins are a great option for any pest control specialist.

Roof-Mounted Ladder Racks

The pest control industry isn’t just limited to beetles, ants, and roaches. Soffits and attics are a haven for flying insects like hornets and wasps. Adding a ladder rack to a work vehicle is important to get hard-to-reach nuisances. With a ladder rack installed, cargo space is also freed up. One product for those using truck bed caps in their operation is the Adrian Steel Dual-Sided Grip Lock Ladder Rack. This system can carry several ladders of varying sizes while still supporting the exterior organization and interior security that the bed cap provides.

Safe Distance: Partitions in Commercial Vans

The pest control industry is known for using harmful chemicals on a daily basis. Partitions can help keep insecticides away from drivers and technicians. Fortunately, companies like Adrian Steel produce several different styles of partitions depending on what function they will perform. In the case of a driver who only needs a layer of separation between their supplies and the cab, Adrian Steel partitions are ideal. They are produced with high-quality steel and aluminum, engineered with grates to give the driver visibility to the equipment behind them.

For more advanced protection against harmful chemicals, American Van also offers composite partitions that provide a fitted, gasket-based seal between the cab and cargo bay. These partitions are formed around your van’s cab to allow the driver and passenger seats to recline. These partitions are thermoformed and include the option of a Lexan plastic window for rear visibility.

Aftermarket Van Flooring

In the pest control industry, a variety of chemicals need careful cleanup on a regular basis. Work vehicles need flooring that withstands moisture and also provides a secure surface to walk, stoop, and kneel on. Stock steel flooring can quickly become a safety hazard when liquids are spilled in the cargo bay.

Legend Fleet produces great products that will outlast brutal wear and tear. Their  Armormat system offers a slip-resistant rubber surface fitted to particular vehicle models. The diamond-plate pattern complete with a sandpaper finish keeps gear in place in any application. For a more rugged option, Legend Fleet’s  Stabiligrip rubberized plywood system provides extreme slip-resistance, insulation, and a rot-proof build which is excellent for humid areas. On top of the safety, this application provides, the 3/8” plywood protects the original flooring from scratches and dings, preserving the resale value of the vehicle.

Pest Equipment Locked Down inside the Van

In some locations, vehicle security is a major priority. Cargo vans often have windows along the rear and side doors that can be protected by installing security window screens. These screens are made from a solid 7-gauge wireframe fastened with metal screws to the interior wall of the vans.

In the case of commercial pickup trucks, more due diligence is necessary. Not only is one locking up the truck cab when away from the vehicle, but the compartments and truck caps require locking as well.  Knapheide’s power lock system locks all the vehicle’s various doors and compartments at the push of a button. Rather than pulling out the old keyring and securing each compartment of your truck individually, save time by installing a one-step power lock system.

In the pest control industry, your work vehicle speaks volumes about what you prioritize as a business. The way you organize your truck, both inside and outside, is part of good marketing. Implementing an organization system will save you valuable time and increase your competitive edge.