In today's complex marketplace, businesses face a dynamic array of challenges, from custom tech needs to supply chain fluctuations. Mitsubishi HC Capital America is a long-standing and trusted partner, offering decades of experience in resolving these challenges and bridging the gap between burdensome costs and the evolving needs of commercial fleet owners and managers.

By proactively fostering robust partnerships with dealers, Mitsubishi HC Capital America assures the development of customized and innovative financing programs that serve dealers and benefit their commercial truck customers.

The Shift Towards Net Zero Commercial Vehicles

In the world of commercial vehicles, the paradigm is shifting inexorably toward cleaner technology, leading to the goal of a net zero carbon footprint. Compelled by sustainability ideals, advancing technology, and environmental mandates, businesses must adapt to these changes that have a tremendous impact on their future growth and sustainability.

Mitsubishi HC Capital America stands at the forefront of financing this transition. Offering extensive expertise and insight into market trends, opportunities, and challenges, Mitsubishi HC Capital America helps truck dealers create business strategies that align with adopting net zero vehicles. This whole process considers every significant aspect, including understanding the intricacies of alt-fuel vehicles, adaptability strategies for business owners, and examining infrastructure requirements like charging options.

Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s SDG Division: Meeting Clean-Energy Goals

Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s commitment to a sustainable future is embodied by its SDG Division. Working to ensure clients can achieve their clean energy goals, the division advances the company's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. From building energy-efficient fleets to promoting infrastructure development, the SDG Division is shaping the future one fleet at a time.

A transnational approach

Understanding the need for cross-border solutions, Mitsubishi HC Capital America has established an integrated, transnational approach to offering its services. Leveraging shared resources, best practices, and partnerships across the United States and Canada, the division ensures efficient, seamless infrastructure development, energy efficiency, and finance processes. This integration ensures that clients achieve their goals wherever they may operate.

The intersection of clean energy and mobility in transportation

Clean energy and mobility must find common ground in the transportation sector. Here, Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s SDG Division can provide financing options to support the purchases of electric work trucks, charging hardware and software, and the implementation of charging infrastructure. The SDG Division excels through a collaborative approach, partnering with recognized industry leaders and providers of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, making the path to a cleaner fleet a lot smoother.

Beyond the typical financing

Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s SDG Division goes beyond traditional financing constraints, engaging with partners to develop innovative programs and alternatives that align with the client’s specific sustainability goals. The nationwide integrated team can advise clients where to gain access to ever changing rebates, incentives, and potential tax credits.


Mitsubishi HC Capital America sets a sturdy foundation for businesses ready to meet their clean fleet goals while offering an extensive solution set for the evolving transportation industry. Through Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s integration and shared best practices, sustainable development becomes an achievable enterprise, where challenges transform into opportunities for growth and sustainability.