Communities in snowy and cold climates need the strongest and most reliable equipment available to keep their roads clear and their citizens safe. Those who have to plow several times a season often choose V-Blade Plows due to their incredible outcomes. The V-Blade Plow’s unique features helps users clear not only snow, but impacted icy areas with ease. It’s a versatile, easy-to-use solution that our customers continue to demand time after time. Here are a few reasons why:

Distinct Advantages


V-Blade Plows are one of the most versatile snow and ice solutions on the market. They can be used in their titular “v” form, as a straight blade or in a “scoop” formation with just a touch of a button, allowing driver’s to change their plow based on what kind of area and distribution of the snow and ice. 

V-Blade Position

The v-blade plow is well known for its ability to remove deep, impacted snow by pushing it off to the sides rather than allowing it to pile up in front of the vehicle. It starts with the blade in the v position. It removes the snow by rolling it to the sides of the vehicle taking less effort for the truck to move heavy snow that has accumulated. In areas that receive heavy snow falls, a v-blade plow is essential to open parking lots and roads to begin the cleanup process of wind row snow plowing.

Straight Plow Position

In the straight position, plows can be used to clear large expanses of snow like a parking lot or driveway where you need to back drag, clear a windrow or move snow. 

Scooped Position 

The scooped position becomes incredibly important for moving and stacking snow. This function can help you pile snow on top of large banks, clear expanses quickly and easily and ensure your snow can stay contained in whatever area you desire. 


Operators are faced with clearing lots and roadways of hard, layered and impacted snow that is dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. In the v-position, the blade can plow through large amounts of snow, even in established snow banks that are heavy and may have frozen layers.


V-Blade plows have two separate blades that give the operator complete control over the functionality of the plow. Once a driver is used to modifying the position of the blade, it becomes incredibly simple to make the adjustments they need to clear snow with ease. This means that the operator’s whole job becomes easier, more efficient and more streamlined. 

With the ability to move large quantities of snow, V-Blade plows can make easy work of clearing a parking lot or roadway. With the scooping function, users can quickly pile and move snow. 

Considerations When Purchasing a V-Blade Plow

Cost of Ownership

V-Blade Plows are one of the most costly options on the market. Factor in wear items, replacement costs, routine maintenance and any additional components like lights, alarms and controllers to get a good look at what the cost of ownership may look like for you.

That being said, though V-Blade Plows are an upfront investment, they can save you a lot of time and labor costs. Over years, this allows operators to take on more and larger projects, bringing in a consistently growing income without needing to hire a large fleet of operators. 

Trip Design

In most cases, drivers use a trip-edge design in lieu of a full-trip system. Because there are two blades and several positions in which the blades can be configured, the plow needs to be able to trip when it meets an obstacle no matter where that obstacle may hit the plow. This can prevent “blade jumps'' that could jerk your blade and make you lose your load, or even cause additional wear to your plow or truck. 

Regional Needs

One of the biggest considerations is the location and infrastructure of your area. Do you work in rural areas with expansive properties? Do you work in a densely populated metropolitan area where you have to consider parked cars, pedestrians, trash bins and other objects that get in your way? Or perhaps you need a plow for a residential or medical campus, hospital, cemetery or other contained spaces. This will be one of the biggest aspects to consider when investing in a new plow. 

Truck Considerations

Another important aspect to consider is whether you are investing in a new vehicle to fit the plow you need, or if you are upfitting an existing truck for snow and ice control. Considering the weight and size of the blade and how it works with your vehicle is a major factor when making your investment. Plows can start at widths as small as 6.5’ for small pickups and go all the way up to 12’ or more for a dump truck. The heavier the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of your truck, the bigger the plow you can safely use. If you continually use a plow that is too heavy for your truck, it can stress the front axle and suspension and worsen the efficiency of your braking system. 

Other Considerations

There are plenty of features to consider and options to weigh when investing in a new plow. Material type, hydraulic options, manufacturer, mount and operating systems and much more. Once you know that V-Blade Plows will work best for your region and your truck, you can have the space to explore the specific options that will make sure your plow works best for your work style and business goals.

Consider a Strong Partnership

In addition to investing in a plow that meets the needs of your region with the features that help you work best, consider making an investment with a dependable dealership or manufacturer. Even after a sale, it’s important to have someone you can go to for training, advice, questions or any concerns you may have. 


Monroe Truck Equipment is a trusted work truck manufacturer and upfitter who believe in true and trusted partnerships with our customers. We serve commercial customers across the country and work to find solutions for their most pressing needs. If you want to learn more about Snow and Ice Management, please reach out to our team today.

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