As the push towards climate-friendly commerce intensifies, business owners and commercial fleet managers find themselves at the forefront of a significant change—moving towards net-zero emissions. However, despite the clearly defined objective, the uncertainty about the process and fears about the associated complexities often create a high-stress environment for these professionals.

Transitioning commercial vehicle fleets to net-zero emissions involves dealing with numerous issues, such as choosing the right vehicles, upgrading infrastructure, and organizing appropriate driver training. Financing these changes is another significant stress point, as is the pressure of maintaining optimum fleet performance while rolling out this transition. These challenges can be overwhelming for fleet managers and have a profound impact on their organizations.

The Value of Knowledge and Collaboration in Mitigating Stress

Amidst these challenges, the power of knowledge and collaboration proves invaluable. Informed decision-making can alleviate a great deal of stress, converting ambiguity into clearly defined steps. Besides, collaboration with peers who have already begun or completed their transition can provide unprecedented insights and potential solutions. There’s nowhere on Earth you can access more knowledge and experience than at specialized events.

Utilizing Specialized Events to Gain Insight and Solutions

The Green Truck Summit and Work Truck Week 2024 represent prime opportunities to tap into collective industry wisdom. These events showcase the latest technologies and strategies and provide an avenue for networking and peer-to-peer learning that isn’t available anywhere else. Success stories from prior participants underscore the effectiveness of these events in facilitating successful transitions.

“It’s one thing to show potential customers our products online, but seeing their eyes and how much they actually like this truck in person is pretty incredible.”

Jake Obert, Senior Director of Sales at REE

Connecting the Dots at Green Truck Summit

The Green Truck Summit offered a plethora of classes and panels focused specifically on fleet management in a green economy. Here, fleet managers absorbed a wide range of information in one place, from new technologies to successful fleet transition strategies. Simultaneously, managers engaged in constructive dialogues with their peers, establishing valuable connections to aid them in their net-zero transition journey.

Leveraging Work Truck Week for Successful Transitions

During Work Truck Week, attendees had access to the latest commercial vehicle technology. Participants heard from industry leaders who provided actionable advice on handling the transition’s challenges. It was also an opportunity to engage with manufacturers, vendors, and service providers, helping managers tap into resources that can make their transition smoother and more successful. It’s astounding to think about how many collective years of experience were on tap at that one event.

“This industry has always been about partnerships. Your customer relies on you for education, especially with fleet electrification. It’s daunting for fleet managers committing a lot of capital to that. They need to have a good idea where they’ll be in 10 years. They need to understand the infrastructure part of it, whether to buy or lease, where are the opportunities. At shows like this (WTW 2024) you have all your [potential] partners in one place. This is really the opportunity for you (the end-user) to come out and talk to them (the solution providers) and educate yourself.”

Clay Okabayashi, Director of Sales at Mullen Automotive

Recommendations for Fleet Managers Attending These Events

To maximize the value of these events, it’s beneficial to approach with a clear list of the most pressing concerns and a willingness to explore innovative solutions. Maintaining an open mindset for learning, participating in discussion panels, and establishing ongoing relationships with peers and relevant industry experts will go a long way in ensuring a seamless transition.

And the collaboration shouldn’t end when the events do. Fleet managers should aim to maintain the relationships formed at these events, exchange information regularly, and keep the knowledge-sharing chain live. This ongoing support network can provide continued stress relief and solution exchange long after the event concludes.

“We want to help create an environment where fleets can transition and not struggle with adoption, especially in those states where adoption is being pushed and organizations have to transition more quickly than they might like to. I think we’ve gotten to the point where our team knows at least some of the ways we can help and connect those dots for the fleets.”

Kaitlyn Deleary, Assistant Marketing Director, Mullen Automotive


By strategically leveraging resources like the Green Truck Summit and Work Truck Week 2024, fleet managers can significantly mitigate the stress associated with transitioning towards net-zero operations. By seeking knowledge, building relationships, and actively participating in the industry’s collaborative community, they can turn their challenges into opportunities and journey confidently towards a sustainable future. Even if you didn’t make it to either of these stellar events, make sure to check the NuPropel “Events” page to stay informed on upcoming events related to your net-zero commercial vehicle journey.


First published on The CVB Network.