Although the 2024 Work Truck Week show floor featured many super-sized commercial trucks, solutions for smaller vehicles were also well represented. This is no surprise, as there are many scenarios where a smaller vehicle is preferable for a given use case.

For example, a smaller vehicle may be more maneuverable in tight spaces, easier to park, and less expensive to purchase and maintain. In addition, smaller vehicles often have better fuel efficiency than their larger counterparts.

One such provider was U.S. Upfitters, a Division of Driverge that offers a wide range of upfitting solutions for light and medium-duty commercial vehicles. The company’s booth featured a Ford Maverick upfitted with a custom cargo system that maximizes the capacity and versatility of smaller pickup trucks.

U.S. Upfitters small truck slideout

Also featured were U.S. Upfitters' heavy-duty storage locking solutions designed to mitigate theft from fleet vehicles laden with tools and materials. Protecting company property has always been a concern. Theft is a major problem for companies, especially those that rely on their fleet vehicles to transport tools and materials, yet security is too often an afterthought.

U.S. Upfitters' showcased a lock system that provides both physical security and a visual theft deterrent to discourage potential thieves.

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