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About NuPropel

Welcome to NuPropel, the dedicated content hub within where we navigate the evolving landscape of sustainability and innovation within the commercial transportation industry. As a brand-agnostic clearinghouse, NuPropel provides a platform for all stakeholders in the commercial vehicle sector—from manufacturers and policymakers to fleet managers and end-users—to engage in rich dialogue about the transition towards net-zero emission work trucks, vans, SUVs, and fleets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a community driven by the shared goal of creating a cleaner, more efficient future in the commercial vehicle industry. We believe that an informed and connected community is the key to driving change. Therefore, NuPropel commits to offering a comprehensive infobase that empowers our audience with knowledge and insights into the latest developments and trends in advanced fuel vehicles.

What We Offer

NuPropel brings together a multitude of topics under one roof, providing an extensive repository of information, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial EV and Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure: Focusing on the practical incorporation and development of essential infrastructure, this area addresses the dynamics of integrating EV charging facilities and analyzes the expansion and effectiveness of fueling infrastructure to support alternative fuel vehicles for commercial use.

  • Advanced Fuel Vehicles: Delving into the emerging technologies that power the eco-friendly commercial vehicles of tomorrow including, electric work trucks and vans, BEVs, FCEVs, propane combustion vehicles

  • Highlighting the benefits and challenges of transitioning to electric-powered utility vehicles.

  • Net Zero Fleets: Discussing strategies and solutions for achieving net-zero emissions and enhancing sustainability across fleets. Sharing best practices in managing fleet operations with a focus on environmental stewardship. Providing guidance on how to smoothly transition to a green fleet.

  • Zero-Emission News: Providing insights into the deployment and effectiveness of zero-emission vehicles.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment: Discussing the implications of work trucks on the environment and how to minimize the carbon footprint.

  • Government Incentives and Policies: Keeping you informed of the latest government incentives and regulations that support the adoption of electric vehicles.

Our Community

At NuPropel, we invite professionals, enthusiasts, and thought leaders to contribute their voices to our growing repository of content. We believe in collaboration and knowledge-sharing as the cornerstones of progress. Whether you're taking the first small steps towards fleet electrification or leading the charge in green commercial transportation, NuPropel offers a destination where you can find support, inspiration, and share insights.

“When we launched in November of 2019 as the first commercial vehicle national marketplace, our long-term commitment was to continue to provide more than a commercial vehicle search platform, with accurate pricing and detailed upfit configurations. We are committed to delivering information, news, and data, and are here to help lead the industry that powers 80% of the U.S. GDP into the net zero future it deserves.”

—Kathryn Schifferle, Founder and Chief Vision Officer of Work Truck Solutions

Work Truck Solutions and are eager to hear feedback and are open to requests for types of information that will help industry stakeholders to be more efficient, and to move us all towards realistic net zero goals. Please send comments and requests to:

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